Signed copies of my art book are available on Dark Regions Press at:

Normally the art book is unsigned, but DRP has acquired special signed bookboards.













Dear friends,

This is a very special moment for me. I have spent the last few months working on my personal project. This is the first time I worked alone, by myself, to give life to something that would represent a small goal for me. Now it is ready and I hope you enjoy it.

So I’m delighted to announce that my art book VEINS AND SKULLS is now available to order from the SST site at:

Hardcover, 64 pages full color. Introduction by Jeff Mariotte.

From the publisher:
VEINS AND SKULLS is a beautiful and haunting art book by award-winning illustrator and comic artist Daniele Serra. It brings you all new images of erotic horror that will draw you deep into the artist’s amazing world. The dark and moving illustrations depict the confrontation between life and death. VEINS flow warm blood maintaining life. SKULLS are cold and still as in death. Daniele Serra’s work can be found on the covers and inside many books and comics. He has worked for some of the biggest publishers in the world and his artwork has also won him the British Fantasy Award.

“Unique and stunning. Daniele is a fantastic artist.”— Joe R. Lansdale

 “Daniele Serra makes art of great sensitivity and subtlety—he can communicate more in the shape of a line and the shade of a tint than many painters convey in an entire canvas. Look into his work and it looks deep into you.”
— Ramsey Campbell

The estimated shipping date for the book is 31st of December.

Coming soon from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


If someone is interested to review it on blogs, magazines and other stuff, just let me know.

My art book Veins and Skulls will be released this month with a cover quote by Joe R. Lansdale and an introduction by Jeff Mariotte. Stay tuned.